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Last Updated: 8/11/20 | August 11th, 2020

Austin is understood for its extraordinary music, delicious restaurants as well as food trucks, exceptional university, as well as vibrant tech scene.

It’s a city on the move, where people who like the outdoors, warm weather, as well as succulent BBQ flock to live. as well as with its never-ending conferences as well as music as well as sports events, it’s one that attracts people from around the world.

A liberal outpost in conventional Texas, Austin is an exciting, weird city that I have yet to see somebody not love. It’s one of my preferred cities i the entire United States.

I’ve been living right here considering that 2016, as well as during my time right here I’ve made sure to get away from my laptop routinely to take pleasure in the lots of things this bit huge city has to offer.

Today, I want to share a few of the preferred things I’ve performed in this outstanding city. I hope they’ll assist you autumn in like with it just a bit a lot more quickly.

Relax at Barton Springs

Barton Springs is a pool/creek that everybody flocks to in the warm summertime months. Fed by a natural cold-water spring in Zilker Park (see below), the city-run Barton Springs pool features manicured lawns that are fantastic for lounging on as well as relaxing with your friends. The large pool provides you plenty of space to float around as well as awesome off, as the temperature can hit 100 degrees in the summer.

The pool costs $4 USD to get into (for residents, however they never ask for proof), as well as while there’s great deals of area around it, I frequently like to lounge on the creek itself.

While the banks are rockier as well as there are fewer locations to lounge, it’s free, it’s the exact same water, as well as you can drink as well as eat along it (something that is prohibited in the pool).

Stroll around Zilker Park

Zilker Park is in the heart of South Austin as well as uses lots of different types of outside activities, such as hiking, biking, kayaking, jogging, as well as anything else you can do in a park.

Barton Springs (see above) is found here, as well as there’s a botanical garden as well as the ever-awesome outside Umlauf Sculpture Garden, centered on the creative works of Charles Umlauf. It’s a huge 350-acre park, which indicates there’s plenty of area to kick back as well as take pleasure in the weather condition with a book or picnic.

Walk the Greenbelt

Located in south-central Austin, the Barton Creek Greenbelt contains 12 miles of stunning trails where you can bike, run, or walk. There are even gorgeous limestone bluffs for rock climbing as well as — when there’s sufficient water in the creek — a number of swimming holes to awesome off in. If you are looking to get out as well as take pleasure in the great weather, this is one of the very best locations to do it. It’s a preferred of everybody in the city as well as one of the very best things about Austin!

Go Two-Stepping

When in Rome…err, Austin, two-step! Two-stepping is a prominent country dance — as well as country dancing is one of Austin’s a lot of prominent pastimes. To see it in action (or provide it a try yourself) head to the White Horse. They provide complimentary two-step lessons on Wednesdays so you can try it out as well as then dance your method around town. The damaged spoke is one more prominent location for two-stepping as well.

The White Horse: 500 Comal St, +1 512-553-6756, thewhitehorseaustin.com.

Catch a motion picture at the Alamo Drafthouse

The Alamo Drafthouse is an Austin institution. They have several locations, where you can enjoy a movie, drink beer, as well as buy food. Besides showing mainstream movies, they likewise screen quirky motion pictures as well as weird previews, host the regional Rocky horror event, as well as play lots of traditional as well as cult films throughout the month. This location is a lot more than just a theater, it’s a location for those who like as well as appreciate film.

Visit the LBJ Library

Lyndon B. Johnson was one of the most powerful us presidents of the 20th century. A complex man, he helped push ahead the fantastic Society, expanding civil rights as well as the social security net, while at the exact same time expanding the war in Vietnam.

His presidential library is in Austin, as well as while it’s not a “hot” thing to do, I extremely suggest a go to to discover about one of the most colorful as well as questionable presidents the country has ever seen.

Party on Rainey Street

This nightlife area is full of old houses that have been converted into bars. originally the “hipster” part of the city, it’s now mainstream as well as teems with people on the weekend. Personally, I hate coming right here on the weekends: it’s as well crowded as well as there are as well lots of bachelor/ette parties. I discover the scene a bit as well wild for me (though youאולי לא).

Instead, my preferred time to go to is for after-work drinks, when there is just the ideal amount of people to feel hectic as well as interesting however not overwhelming. From Banger’s for Sunday brunch to Clive Bar, half Step, as well as Bungalow for drinks, as well as Craft pride for craft beer, Rainey is an eclectic as well as fun location to hang out — as long as you prevent the weekends.

Attend very first Thursday

One the very first Thursday of every month, the South Congress hotel hosts a big event with musicians as well as an all-night delighted hour. It’s one of the greatest nights of the month for young professionals as well as a terrific location to have fun, satisfy new people (Austinites are extremely friendly), as well as drink cheap. You don’t want to miss this if you’re in town. It’s one of my preferred monthly social activities.

Drink a Cocktail

While beer as well as inexpensive drinks are still king here, there is a growing cocktail bar scene in the city. I’d personally rather drink a cocktail than be at a noisy bar. If you’re trying to find the best cocktail, try Firehouse Lounge, Floppy Disk repair work Shop, Midnight Cowboy, Garage, or Whisler’s (see below).

Relax at Lake Travis

Built in 1942, this reservoir is found around 30 minutes from the city by vehicle as well as makes for a great half-day escape. Spanning 30 square miles, there’s a great deal to do in the area: swimming, hiking, biking, zip-lining, picnicking, boating, as well as more. You can rent canoes as well as kayaks for around $15 USD per hour. Motorboats are likewise offered as well as there are accommodation choices close-by if you want to spend a couple of days relaxing.

Grab a drink at Whisler’s

This bar on the east side of the city is one of the coolest in town, as well as when I’m in Austin, you’ll most likely discover me right here (it’s likewise quite close to my hostel). You’ll likewise discover a robust whiskey selection, knowledgeable bartenders, a awesome crowd, as well as a gigantic outside patio space. On the weekends, an upstairs mescal bar opens. Whisler’s likewise hosts one of the most popular food trucks in Austin, Thai Khun, which serves a few of the city’s finest Thai food (the khao guy gai (chicken with rice) is area on). This is a must-visit bar!

Listen to online Music

Austin’s music scene is world-renowned, as well as there’s always some online music going on or a huge musician in town. You’ll discover a great deal of music on Sixth street as well as in the downtown area. a lot of of the bars host musicians. Stubb’s is a world-famous music location downtown as well as hosts a great deal of big-name musicians in its outside venue. try to see a show there if you can!

Visit whole Foods

Why go to whole Foods? I mean, they have those everywhere, right? Well, this is special. This is the original store — as well as it’s massive. Its salad bar goes on seemingly forever, there are extremely great restaurants in the store, the rooftop features patio seating, as well as musicians play on the weekends. It’s an outstanding location that is likewise a popular area for after-work drinks as well as Sunday brunches. stop by at least when to get your fill (and take pleasure in the walk-in beer fridge).

Enjoy Some delicious Food

Austin’s food scene is extraordinary (though it needs a few a lot more ethnic places). From BBQ to American to organic to Mexican, you can’t go wrong here. right here are a few of my favorite areas that will assist you put on 10 lbs. לפני שאתה עוזב:

Wu Chow – This is one of the very best Chinese restaurants in Austin. It serves a extremely prominent dim sum brunch on Sundays. Be sure to come early as it gets packed during dinnertime as well as Sunday brunch, as well as the wait on a table can be as much as an hour.

Launderette – found in an old laundromat, this restaurant is one of the most popular areas in town as well as serves an outstanding menu of Americana as well as seafood, in addition to a decent choice of wine. a few of my preferred dishes include crab toast, burrata, okra, Brussels sprouts, as well as grilled octopus. If you’re coming for dinner, come early, as it fills up fast.

Truluck’s – This is my preferred steak restaurant since it’s one of the few locations where you can likewise get fresh seafood (crab, oysters, lobster). It’s not cheap, however if you want an upscale steak house, try this.

Péché – A new Orleans–inspired restaurant serving Bayou food, with a extremely friendly staff, tasty cocktails, as well as an substantial whiskey list.

La barbecue – BBQ is a matter of perspective. A great deal of people state Franklin’s is the best, however La barbecue is #1 to me. It opens at 11am. expect two-hour waits during lunchtime, so get right here early.

Veracruz – the very best food truck in town (conveniently found across the street from my hostel). It makes terrific breakfast tacos, as well as the migas was voted #1 in the country. לעולם אין קו באמת, אולם השירות הוא איטי.

אזור מטבח אמיתי – מסעדה זו בולטת במיוחד עם אנשים לאחר העבודה. כל האוכל שלו טבעי כמו גם אורגני. תוכלו לגלות עטיפות בריאות, קערות סלט, כריכים, כמו גם פירות ים טריים כמו גם טעימים, בנוסף לבחירה יוצאת דופן של יין לבן כמו גם קוקטיילים.

פיצה פרוסה ביתית – ידיים את הפיצה הטובה ביותר בסביבה!

לקבלת רשימה מלאה של הצעות, בדוק את הרישום הכולל שלי של המסעדות המועדפות באוסטין!

סיור במבשלות הבירה

אוסטין הוא בית למספר הולך וגדל של מבשלות בירה מלאכה, שהרבה מהן מציעות סיורים במתקנים שלהם – עם דוגמאות, כמובן! יש משהו כמו +50 מבשלות בירה כמו גם ברחבי העיר (יותר מכל סוג של עיר אחרת בטקסס). אם אתה חובב בירה מלאכה כמו גם מגלה בירה אזורית אתה נהנה מהקפד לבדוק את מבשלת הבירה שלהם. האפשרויות הן שהן מציעות סיורים.

כמו כן ישנן חברות טיולים כמו טיול טקסס טוויסט טקסס המארגנות סיורים במספר מבשלות בירה באמצעות אוטובוס החליטה שלהן. אלה נמשכים בדרך כלל מספר שעות כמו גם הוצאות בסביבות 69 דולר לאדם.

טרקלין באגם אוסטין

כמו אגם טרוויס, אגם אוסטין הוא מאגר על נהר קולורדו. זה היה מלאי דגים כך שתוכלו לשכור סירה כמו גם לדוג בס כמו גם דגי שמש. כמו כן ישנם מסלולי הליכה, סירות להשכרה (סירות מנוע כמו גם סירות משוטים), כמו גם מבצעים נהדרים של מיקומים לשחייה כמו גם פיקניק. זה רק 20 דקות מהעיר ברכב.

אם אתה רוצה לשכור סירה, צפה להוציא לפחות 400 דולר לשכירות של שלוש שעות. סירות יכולות להחזיק בין 6-7 אנשים, כך שאם אתה יכול לפצל את זה עם חברים זה לא יקר גם כן.

אוסטין היא עיר הכי טובה, המשתמשת במבקרים בשפע של פעילויות למילוי 3-4 הימים שהרבה אנשים מבלים כאן. זו עיר להתקין בה.

אתה לא באמת סיור כאן; אתה מתחיל להיות פעיל. אתה יוצא, מסתובב, כמו גם לאכול בחוץ. הימנע מכמה מהמוזיאונים האזוריים, צא החוצה, נהנה מהאוכל, המשקאות, כמו גם מהמוזיקה, כמו גם להפיק את המרב מאחת הערים הטובות ביותר בארצות הברית – כמו גם מיקום אני שיחת טלפון הביתה!

הזמן את הטיול שלך לאוסטין: רעיונות לוגיסטיים כמו גם טריקים
הזמן את הטיסה שלך
השתמש ב- Skyscanner או ב- Momondo כדי לגלות טיסה לא יקרה. הם שני מנועי הדפדוף המועדפים עלי מכיוון שהם גולשים באתרים כמו גם בחברות תעופה ברחבי העולם, כך שתמיד לא תבין שום אבן לא פונה. התחל עם SkyScanner ראשונה מאוד, אם כי מכיוון שיש להם את טווח ההגעה הגדול ביותר!

הזמן את הלינה שלך
אתה יכול להזמין את ההוסטל שלך עם OstelWorld מכיוון שיש להם את המניות הגדולות ביותר כמו גם עסקאות משובחות. אם אתה רוצה להישאר במקום אחר מלבד אכסניה, השתמש ב- Booking.com מכיוון שהם מחזירים בעקביות את המחירים הזולים ביותר לבתי הארחה כמו גם מלונות לא יקרים. המיקומים המועדפים עלי להישאר הם:

אל תזכרו את ביטוח הנסיעות
כיסוי ביטוח נסיעות יבטח אותך כנגד מחלה, פציעה, גניבה וכן ביטולים. זו ביטחון מפורט במצב כל דבר משתבש. אני אף פעם לא יוצא לטיול בלעדיו כיוון שהייתי צריך לנצל את זה הרבה פעמים בעבר. החברות המועדפות עלי שמציעות את השירות הטוב ביותר כמו גם הערך הן:

אגף בטיחות (לכולם מתחת 70)

להבטיח את הטיול שלי (לאלה מעל גיל 70)

Medjet (לכיסוי חוזר נוסף)

מחפש את החברות הטובות ביותר לחסוך איתן כסף?
עיין בדף המשאבים שלי כדי שהחברות הטובות ביותר יוכלו להשתמש בו כשאתה נוסע. אני מפרט את כל אלה שאני משתמש בהם כדי לחסוך כסף כשאני בדרך. הם יחסוך לך כסף כשתטייל גם כן.

רוצה הרבה מידע נוסף על אוסטין?
הקפד ללכת למדריך היעד החזק שלנו באוסטין אפילו הרבה יותר טיפים לתכנון!

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