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5 reasons to stay at Le 123 Elysees hotel on Your next trip to Paris

When it comes to budget, we’ve always had this travel philosophy: Don’t always go for the cheapest; select what provides you the very best value for money.

And it couldn’t be any type of truer in Paris.

There’s just something about Paris. even when it is a fairly costly destination, it stays a dream destination for many. Sure, there are a great deal of methods to keep the expense of a Parisian getaway low, however if you’re one of those who will be visiting the City of Light to celebrate a special event — be it a honeymoon, anniversary, or a reunion trip with buddies — you may want to think about more comfortable choices. The cheapest choices are frequently inexpensive for a reason. as well as if you can pay for it, check out other options that can provide you a great deal more for your hard-earned money. The exact same applies to accommodations.

So far, we have tried staying at three different lodging types in our two gos to to the French capital: a inexpensive inn, a budget plan hotel in the outskirts of the city, as well as a shop hotel at the heart of Paris. Expectedly, it was at the shop hotel — Le 123 Elysees hotel — that we had our most delightful as well as rewarding experience. right here are five reasons why.

חדר כפול

מה מכוסה במדריך זה?

1. fantastic Location
2. open Bars Throughout Paris
3. free Buffet Breakfast
4. impeccable Service
5. fashionable Rooms
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1. fantastic Location

Of the many Parisian hotels run as well as handled by Astotel, Le 123 Elysees hotel has the very best location. We very first discovered about this hotel when they invited us years ago, however we were already booked at one more hotel. however when we inspected their place on the map, we understood it was worth inspecting out. Le 123 Elysees has always taken pride in having the fanciest address, 123 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in the stylish as well as central 8th Arrondisement, just within walking distance of many key attractions including Champs-Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe, as well as location de la Concorde.

The Arc de Triomphe as well as Champs-Elysees are just a short walk from the hotel.
In fact, we spent our very first night just walking down surrounding streets, flanked by fashion homes as well as art galleries, as well as had our very first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower not as well far from the hotel.

It is likewise just a block away from Saint-Philippe-du-Roule station along Line 9 of the Metro, which links a few of the city’s tourist areas including Trocadero, the Eiffel Tower viewing deck.

If we might mention only one reason to select this hotel, its strategic place is definitely it.

2. open Bars Throughout Paris

As mentioned above, on our very first night we wandered aimlessly around the area. After inspecting out Champs-Elysees as well as seeking a great view of the Eiffel Tower from the Seine, we didn’t recognize that it was method past 9pm. At the time, we hadn’t had any type of decent meal since our flight as well as we thought about looking for restaurants. It was only then that we discovered that Paris sleeps early. We couldn’t discover any type of open establishment. My grumbling stomach was just about to eat itself when I kept in mind something: “Our hotel has an open bar!”

Le 123 Elysees Hotel’s open bar has a great choice of sweets, bread, fruits, as well as drinks! as well as it’s offered from 2pm up until 2am! It truly saved us from having a famished very first night in Paris.

But that’s not the very best part. There are 16 Astotel hotels around Paris, each with an open bar. If you’re a guest at one, you are enabled gain access to to all 16 of these open bars. This would be extra-beneficial in Montmartre, where they have 6 branches!


3. free Buffet Breakfast

If you reserve directly on the Astotel website, you can have the buffet breakfast for free. (If you book with a third-party site, you can still avail of the buffet breakfast for 14€.) The smoked salmon is super delish!

This way, you have sufficient energy to check out Paris since you’ll be walking a lot! (Heck, even a simple go to to the Louvre can be such a workout since it’s humongous.)

4. impeccable Service

Handwritten letter as well as sweets!
Even before we inspected in, this hotel’s excellent service was not difficult to see. We were greeted with a smile as well as was led to the dining area for a quick briefing. I’ve stayed at a great deal of full-service hotels over the past years however this was the very first time that a member of the personnel sat with us as well as thoroughly explained the advantages for guests as well as provided valuable tips on checking out Paris. It’s something that we usually get from hostels, not hotels. other hotels usually have friendly personnel as well as will response concerns however don’t volunteer information.

When we went into the room, we discovereד -ברים של שוקולד כמו גם מרנג עם מכתב בכתב יד המופנה אלינו. בתחילה, האמנו שזה היה דבר ראשון, אולם כל ערב אחרי שהגיעו מיום סיור שלם, היו חטיפי שוקולד על המיטה שלנו, ושימשו כמשקל נייר לתחזית מצב מזג האוויר המודפס למחרת. מגע נחמד! דברים קטנים כמו זה הפכו את השהייה שלנו לבלתי נשכחת!

אבל אף אחד מאותם שוקולדים לא היה מתוק יותר מצוות ארוחת הבוקר, שסיפק גם טיפים כשגילו שאנחנו פונים לבריסל בהמשך.

5. חדרים אופנתיים

מלון Le 123 Elysees כולל 41 חדרים, שכל אחד מהם מתהדר בעיצוב פריזאי עכשווי. חלק מההיבטים השונים מחלל לחדר, אולם זה שקיבלנו היה רצפת עץ כמו גם ריהוט כמו גם נוף נהדר (מול כנסיית סנט פיליפ דו רולה, אם כי תחת שיפוץ באותה תקופה).

נברשת כמו גם גרם מדרגות מפואר, מוקף לבנים אדומות, בסגנון לונדון, בשיטה לחדרים. יש להם מעלית, אל תדאג.
שירותים כמו גם אמבטיה
חדר האמבטיה היה מרווח כמו גם מצויד כמעט בכל מה שהיינו צריכים, ממקלחות חמות וקרות כמו גם אמבטיה למייבש שיער, גלימות, מראה מגדלת, כמו גם כפית נעליים. זה היה גם נקי חריק כל הזמן, כאילו זה פשוט נבנה לאחרונה.

בסך הכל נהנינו לחלוטין מהשהייה שלנו כאן כי בלילה הראשון שלנו, העברתי את כל החברים שלי וגם ייעצתי להם שאם הם יגיעו לפריס בעתיד, זה משהו שיש לקחת בחשבון ברצינות.

מלון Le 123 Elysees
123 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré
Arrondesement 8, פריז

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