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CLARK & ANGELES CITY: travel guide & budget schedule

As a traveler based in the Philippines, Clark is something that I hear all the time. The Clark international airport is the fastest growing airport in the country, the second busiest in Luzon, and the secondary gateway to Metro Manila. but for numerous travelers, that’s all Clark is: a gateway. numerous neglect the fact that Clark itself and its surrounding areas are a destination on its own.

Clark has changed over the years but it retains its unassuming characteristic — still systematic and laid-back amid the numerous developments that happened. It has recognized itself as a center for aviation and business. It is being groomed as an integral economic hub in central Luzon. With the presence of a significant number of educational, recreational, and home entertainment establishments, Clark is getting ready for the next big step, which includes the development of Clark global City.

I was fortunate to participate in the annual Lakbay Norte trip spearheaded by the North Philippines visitors Bureau (NPVB) in partnership with NLEX Corporation. Clark was one of the destinations included in the itinerary. This trip was also made possible with the help of the greater Clark visitors Bureau (GCVB).

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HOW TO get around CLARK and ANGELES
THINGS TO do in CLARK and ANGELES CITYAngeles Heritage Park
Tibby’s Farm
Aqua Planet
El Kabayo Clark Stables Picnic Grounds
Nayong Pilipino
Dinner in the Dark

WHERE TO stay IN CLARKTop Clark budget hotels below P2500
Top Mid-Range to high-end hotels in Clark

FREQUENTLY ASKED questions about CLARKHow to get to Clark airport from Manila?
Are tricycles allowed inside Clark Freeport Zone?

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The Clark Freeport and special economic Zone, typically referred to as simply “Clark”, covers not only the province of Pampanga but also Tarlac. It includes Angeles City, Mabalacat City, and Porac in Pampanga and Capas and Bamban in Tarlac. There are two zones: the Clark Freeport zone and the Clark special economic Zone.

The Clark Freeport zone encompasses the former us air force base, the Clark Air Base, which was transformed into a special economic zone in the early 90s. At present, the Clark Freeport zone is continuously expanding. The launch of the Clark international airport put central Luzon on the tourism map, making it much more available both locally and internationally.

The Clark special economic zone includes the future new Clark City in Capas, Tarlac. The project is managed by the Bases Conversion and development Authority (BCDA).

Here are much more things you need to know about Clark:

Language: The province of Pampanga has two primary languages — Kapampangan and Sambal. Tagalog and English are also spoken by many of the people as secondary languages.

Currency: Philippine peso (PHP, ₱). PHP100 is around USD 1.91, EUR 1.69, SGD 2.59 (as of February 2019).

Modes of payment: cash is preferred. credit report card payments are widely accepted, especially in commercial areas. If you are going outside the urban zones, guarantee that you have an ample amount of cash with you.

Connectivity: company ditricts have strong data signals for globe and Smart.

Electricity Info: 220V, 60Hz. Mostly, Socket type A.

Note: This travel guide will focus much more on the Pampanga side.


As a tropical country, the Philippines has two seasons — the dry season and wet (rainy) season. The rainy season typically begins in July and can last until October. The rest of the year typically constitutes the dry season with April and may as the top of summer.

You may also want to take note of these festivals and events. expect substantial crowds during these times.

February: Philippine international Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta (Clark Field, Angeles), Caragan festival (Mabalacat), Nuestra Señora de la Divina Gracia (Mabalacat)

April: Sisig festival (Angeles)

September: San Lorenzo Ruiz Feast (Mabalacat)

October: Fiestang Kuliat in Angeles (Fiesta de los Santos Angeles Custodios, The Feast of Our lady of the most holy Rosary of La Naval, and Fiesta ning Apung Mamacalulu), Tigtigan Terakan Keng Dalan (Angeles)

November: Feast of Santa Catalina Alexandria (Porac)


Clark international airport (CIA) is located in Clark Freeport zone in Pampanga. It is the primary gateway to central and North Luzon for both international and domestic flights. It also serves as the second international gateway to Metro Manila. North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) link CIA to Metro Manila.


Option 1: throughNLEX. If you want to travel at your own pace by bringing your car, you can drive along the length of NLEX until you reach Dau Exit. Pay the toll and make a left turn going to Angeles City. continue driving until you reach the point where you ought to make a best turn going to Clark. This option is ideal for those who like to make a stopover at Angeles City.

Option 2: through NLEX-SCTEX. From NLEX, continue driving until you reach the exit leading to SCTEX. decide the best road option for you based on your itinerary: Clark South (Exit) Interchange is located near the Clark main Gate, while Clark North (Exit) Interchange is near Nayong Pilipino.

The good thing about bringing your own automobile is that you can do stopover and restroom breaks whenever you need to. In our case, we went even more north to have our breakfast at PTT Station’s Café Amazon along SCTEX northbound lane in Bamban, Tarlac. but the interesting part aside from the drinks (try the Iced Thai Milk Tea) and the pastries (I love the Mango Torte and Revel Bar) is PTT’s Restroom 20.

PTT Restroom 20
The restroom is solar-powered and works like a paid restroom lounge. As the name suggests, guests using the restroom donate P20. All proceeds will be donated to different organizations that can help the communities where they operate.


As mentioned, North Luzon is connected to Manila by NLEX and SCTEX. Land travel typically takes 2-3 hours, depending on the traffic condition.

Victory liner Bus
Many buses shuttle passengers between Manila and North Luzon daily. one of the most popular name when it concerns trips to the north is victory Liner.

From Cubao or Pasay terminal, take a Dagupan-bound bus.

Alight at Dau-Mabalacat Bus terminal in Pampanga.

Take a short walk to MacArthur Highway. From there, you can either take the jeepney or hire a tricycle.

The jeepney or the tricycle can get you directly to the Clark Gate.

Ride a jeepney or take a taxi to your hotel or to the attraction you want to visit.


There are P2P buses that serve the Metro Manila-Clark airport route. one of them is Genesis Bus.

We created a much more comprehensive post here: P2P BUS CLARK & MANILA: Schedule, stops & Fares


If you are coming from Subic, victory liner has a direct route.

Timetable courtesy of victory LINER
Fare: P250


Timetable by victory LINER
דמי נסיעה

From CARMEN: P270


From DAGUPAN: P400

HOW TO get around CLARK and ANGELES

מונית. This is the most convenient option because they can shuttle guests to, from, and within Clark. They can get you directly to your hotels or the traveler attractions.

Jeepney. Public jeepneys operate within Clark Freeport too. as of writing, there are four different jeepney routes operating within Clark Freeport Zone. Ask the chauffeurs at the terminal (Main Gate) which jeepney to take. Note: There are two terminal locations — main gate and the Mabalacat Gate.

תְלַת אוֹפַן. In Angeles City, tricycle may be the less expensive and much more convenient option for short-distance transit. You may also work out with the chauffeur if you want a special trip. However, tricycles are NOT allowed inside Clark Freeport Zone. They can only go as far as the main gate (along fields Avenue). From there, you can just walk to the jeepney terminal and get on a jeep to get you around CFZ.

Grabtrike. Grabtrike is now available in Angeles City. There are three different zones covered by Grabtrike: zone 1 (Pulung Maragul, Balibago, Cutud, Pulung Cacutud, and Sapa Libutad); zone 2 (Pandan, Marisol, Tabun, Capaya, Mining, Salapung, Lourdes Sur East, and half of Sto. Cristo); zone 3 (Sto. Domingo, Pulung Bulu, San Jose, Sto. Rosario, half of Sto. Cristo, Agapito del Rosario, and half of San Nicolas). The coverage may expand soon. The rate starts at P25 for the first kilometer, and additional P10 for the succeeding kilometer. GrabTrikes are NOT allowed inside Clark.


Angeles Heritage Park

Angeles City is not only home to numerous historical sites but also modern company establishments and other industries. The marrying of the old an new is very obvious especially in the Heritage district where the Santo Rosario Church and Museo ning Angeles are centrally located.

Just two blocks away from the museum and the church is the Old Pamintuan Mansion. built in the early 1880s, the Pamintuan residence has a lot of stories to tell. It became the seat of government during the time of the first Philippine Republic under the guideline of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. It also served as the municipal hall of Angeles City and later on, the branch of Bangko central ng Pilipinas in central Luzon until 2010. At present, the mansion serves as the museum of Philippine Social History.

Entrance Fee: FREE
Operation Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Tuesday – Sunday)
Location: Miranda Street, Barangay Santo Rosario, Angeles, Pampanga
How to get There: From Cubao or Pasay, take a victory liner bus to Dau Bus Terminal. From there, walk a little towards the highway and take either a tricycle or a jeepney to Angeles. The total fare is about P300, one way. The travel time is two to three hours, depending on the traffic situation.

Tibby’s Farm

I’ve always been interested in farming. In fact, I used to co-own a farm in Quezon, but that’s another story. The Philippines has various arable lands, which makes agriculture a major source of income for so numerous provinces. Still, we import farm products like rice and other vegetables from our neighboring countries.

One of the aims of Tibby’s farm is to raise awareness of the significance of farming to the community and our country. This organic farm is also open to train and educate future farmers, even encouraging young ones to invest in agriculture. As part of its agri-tourism feature, guests can try their hands on harvesting vegetables and fruits in season and feeding livestock.

You can also stay for a night or two inclusive of farm-to-table meals for P1200 per person. The meals included are breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, and take home snack. They can cook breakfast (P150/pax) and lunch (P250/pax) for a group of at least six people. They also allow guests to bring their own food. remember to clean before you go and throw your trash properly.

Entrance Fee: totally free (for check out and taking photos of the place); if you are feeling generous, you can donate any amount.
Operation Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Daily)
Contact Info: Atty. Angelo Valencia / +63917 568 1303 / angelo.valencia@sedlex.com.ph
Location: Concubierta street corner Dizon Street, Sunset Valley Homes, Angeles City, Pampanga
How to get There: From Cubao or Pasay, take a victory liner bus to Dau Bus Terminal. From there, take a tricycle or a jeepney bound for Angeles. Alight at Nepo Mart and then take a tricycle to Tibby’s Farm. The total fare is P300-350. The travel time is roughly three hours.

Aqua Planet

Spiral Slides. photo offered by Aqua Planet.
With a total area of 10 hectares, Aqua planet is currently the largest waterpark in the Philippines. It features over 38 water slides and other rides and attractions, promising a #WatermazingExperience for all its guests, children and adults alike.

Hurricane (left) and tornado (right. photo offered by Aqua Planet.
The attractions are grouped into two zones — the Kiddie zone and zone 1 (Adult Zone). The Kiddie zone has three amazing options for the young ones: Mermaid Bay, Orc Lagoon, and Bubble Base: Kiddie Wave Pool. For adults, there are 11 attractions: Spiral Slides, Octopus Racers, Aqua Loop, Wave River, Hurricane Slides.
Super Bowl, sky Shuttle, Wave Pool, Boogie Bay, flow Rider, and Tornado. I delighted in the Octopus Racers, Tornado, and sky Shuttle. I wanted to try Aqua loop but we arrived late, so I didn’t get to try it.

Admission Fee: Weekday rates (P950 adult, P750 child (4ft and below); weekend rates (P1180 adult, P980 child (4ft and below)
Operation Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: Bounded by J.P. Rizal Avenue, J.P Laurel Avenue, and
Prince Balagtas Avenue, Clark Freeport Zone, Mabalacat, Pampanga
How to get There: ride a victory liner bus from either Cubao or Pasay to Dau Bus Terminal. From here, you can book a get to Aqua Planet. The total fare is P300-350. The travel duration is two to three hours.

El Kabayo Clark Stables Picnic Grounds

This reminds me of the old western films I viewed in one (or two) of my film classes in UP film Institute years ago. Not too long ago. חה חה! It boasts a replica of an old western town that elicits a rough cowboy feel. You know that common saloon commotion scene? את זה.

It won’t be called El Kabayo without the horses right? here you can delight in horseback riding (guided or not), carriage ride, trail ride, and even riding lessons. The duration depends on you, but they typically offer two – 30 minutes and 60 minutes. They can also accommodate team building events and conferences. The newest feature is the campsite with glamping facilities. זה

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